Friday, September 20, 2013

Music Research in Sonata Form

Are you new to doing research about music for you history classes? Are you confused? 

Well, Jennifer Meixelsperger, the Music Library Intern for 2013-14 has created a display to teach you the research process through examination of Sonata From...

Semester Sonata... a guide to research

The Exposition - Researching in the stacks

The Development - Online resources, New Grove, RILM, Naxos, Project Muse

 The Recapitulation - Clarifying dates, rechecking your facts, and making sure you have complete citations

CODA - still need help? Come ask the Librarian ... or contact us 24/7!

BRAVO ! You're done - now go turn it in!!

Stop by the Music Library and browse for yourself !!

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