Friday, March 30, 2012

Focus on Non-fiction - display in Curriculum

The month of April in Curriculum brings a display of non-fiction books...

The display by Katharine Hudson and Emily Christensen highlights the wide variety of materials we have available.

Come by and check it out!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Music in our Schools & Women's History Month Combined!

The Music and Curriculum Library is celebrating March as the month for both Music in Our Schools and Women's History with displays that combine the two... Stop by and browse, or better yet check out a few books and recordings !

Two Bulletin Boards

Lots of books to browse

and two cases full as well!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Need help in the stacks? We've got your answer right here!

Greetings on a snowy Friday afternoon... I wanted to let you all know that we've made a bit of change to the stacks this week. Well, not the materials shelved there, but the ends of the ranges of shelves themselves. We've put up posters that will help you browse the shelves for what you're looking for. My friends and colleagues at Bowling Green State University created these posters and shared the files with all of us in MLA-land. I've adapted them a bit to fit our stacks and posted them.

Five in all

Collected Works, Solo, and Chamber Music (M1-M900)

Large Ensembles - Orchestral and Band Music (M1000-M1400)

Vocal Music (M1400-M2000)

Music Literature (ML)

Music Training and Teaching (MT)

I'd like to thank Lisa Sutton in AGSL for printing them in the large size and Beth Traylor for laminating them for us!